Volt 1st anniversary

--- One year has passed since Volt started... so we, Colombe, Andrea and Damian, reflected a bit on what happened since we first started. It was a cold winter day in 2017... ---

Andrea's 1st anniversary blog

1 year ago, minutes before the launch of Volt, I was sitting in an anonymous university cafè, nervous as I had never been before. Sitting at my table was Damian – back then a friend I convinced to help me in return for a free lunch, and now Volt’s Vice-President – while Colombe was with us over the phone – back then a human rights defender, and now Volt’s Policy Lead and even more into human rights, if possible.

The three of us planned this day for a long time. The naïve, ambitious, extremely promising idea I put together in the previous months that those two idealists helped me to structure, was ready to go live. “Ready”… I mean, we had a Facebook page, a website that I had taught myself to design, a few friends ready to support the launch, absolutely no budget, and a huge passion and willingness to change politics and the future of Europe. What else do you need to start a pan-European movement? Read more...

Colombe's 1st anniversary blog

Reflecting on the last years working on Volt, and having talked to many of you, what keeps on coming back to me is the importance of not losing track of the reasons for which we are doing all of this. As cheesy as it sounds, the reason is to help people, and make Europe a better place, if not the world. By Europe I do not mean the EU, but every single country, region, city and town.

Yes, we already grew so much and have a lot of potential, but what is it worth if we become just another political party that is solely hungry for power and fame? What makes us us is that we care. We care so much that we have thousands of people working for free in their spare time to ensure that things actually change. Read more...

Damian's 1st anniversary blog

When Andrea invited me for a lunch to discuss his newest ideas, I never thought it would result in such a drastic change for me. In fact, I just thought it would result in a free lunch. But, you know what they say: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

A little more than a year later, I’ve moved to another continent, I’ve gathered speeding tickets all across Europe, I’ve spent nights on the floor of people’s flats I’ve met the same day (thanks Volt NL :-), and I am unsure about where my free time has gone – but I don’t mind at all. Actually, I am extremely happy about it.

And here are the reasons why.

and... newly published: Liuliu's 1st anniversary blog

I am a Chinese student in New York who took on a crazy journey with Volt, this young European political movement which led me to Rome, Berlin, Milan, Paris and many more places to come. What am I doing here? Read more...